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Competition is one of the important components in getting athlete with the best achievement. The road races become a means of athletes to hone their skills. In 2017, there are five tours held in Indonesia which are included in the calendar of world cycling body, UCI, with category 2.2.


With the aim of improving the quality of the tour in Indonesia, the Indonesian Cycling Federation again presents the Tour Of Indonesia as the peak of multi stage cycling competition in Indonesia after a seven year hiatus.


In contrast to previous editions of Tour de Indonesia and other tours, the Tour of Indonesia will now fall into the category of 2.1, which means that this title will have to meet the higher standards than the 2.2 category as stated in UCI regulations. Furthermore, the Tour of Indonesia will be the only road race with the category 2.1 in Indonesia.


This time Tour of Indonesia is having four stages which will across three province, starting from Borobudur, Magelang and finish in Lapangan Puputan, Badung, Denpasar, Bali. In comparison with the previous event, the Tour of Indonesia 2018 indeed shorter.


However, it does not mean that the quality is decreased. Instead, the distance of each stage will be longer and the quality of the participants will also be increased by the presence of the UCI world team.


Every stage is assembled with such a way to demonstrate the natural beauty and the panorama of Indonesia so that the Tour of Indonesia 2018 can be a showcase of Indonesian tourism. Acrossing three province and the 10 districts or municipalities, the interaction with people will be very intense. So the Tour of Indonesia 2018 can be a medium of an effective promotion.

All in all will be summarized in coverage conducted by hundreds of the local, national and international media which makes the Tour of Indonesia 2018 will be seen by millions of people around the world through variety of media : online, printed, electronic and social media.